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Character Dump by KiwiKink Character Dump :iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 4 17
Hi-Jakked: Birthday Surprise
Safe houses had a specific purpose.  They were quiet, out of the way locations where some whose interests tended towards the, let's say, illicit variety could hide out until whatever trouble was brewing had died down.  They tended to be unassuming, generic, the sort of abode a passer-by would forget the moment it left their eyesight.  They were not meant to draw attention.  And they certainly were not meant to rattle down to their foundations due to Taylor Swift's Bad Blood being played at extreme volume.  
And yet, this particular safe house did.
This was due to its current occupant, the self-styled outlaw and notorious Canadian-worrier called Jakki Kahalle.  A fit and handsome woman, she had dark hair that she kept cropped into a stylish undercut, sharp hazel eyes a permanent sly smirk pasted on her lips.  Her most distinct feature though were her eyebrows, were were thick and arched, but most notably each was bisected by  faded scars that ran
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 9 16
Invisible Inc: Rescue Ruin
Jolie “Banks” Murphy, Agent of the rebellious Invisible Inc, took a deep breath and grinned as the elevator doors chimed, singling the game was afoot.  The doors slid open on Floor 13 of Esclavage Incorporated, a high tech security firm that specialized in doing black ops for major banks and other corporations.  They were know for being thorough and unscrupulous in their dealings, almost a bogeyman entity in the tech world, and were definitely not the sort of people you wanted to get on the bad side of. So naturally, that was just what Jolie was about to do.
Taking out her custom paralyser, Jolie mentally prepared herself for her task.  She was twenty-nine years old, gracefully built and classically beautiful, with short wavy brown hair and sharp sapphire-coloured eyes.  She was dressed rather oddly for a high stress infiltration mission, clad in a tight fitting black miniskirt and halter top beneath a long dark brown leather coat that she wore belted at
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 25 25
Video Game Bondage - A Reading Guide
These represent some of my most popular stories, as Bioware's ability to make such fun, interesting characters with distinct voices gives a writer a lot to play with.  The majority of these stories are set in the Dragon Age setting, due to that being truly in my established wheel house as a fantasy DID writer, but I have dabbled in The Old Republic (which should be seen as different from just a generic Star Wars fanfic) and also Mass Effect (including The Elcor Encounter, which is the greatest romance ever written...) 
Special thanks go to The-Miho-chan for her collaboration on Weaver's Lair and to lostonezero for his work on Dalish Diplomacy.
Dragon Age

Dragon Age: The Asala Adventures

Mass Effect
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 12 18
Lasha Loudmouth+Rheka Bearclaw - Clash of the Orcs
Sufficed to say, Lasha Loudmouth was not having the best of days.
It was meant to be a working holiday.  A chance to visit a new country and take in the sights while also making a little gold on the side.  Nothing too strenuous, just locate and capture one outlaw hiding out from the authorities in the forest.  Bag her, gag her, and drag her back to prison.  Lasha had done this sort of thing a multitude of times before, was an professional.  But Lasha had not counted on the one foe that had dogged her most of her life: good, old fashion bad luck.
And it had all started so well.  She had travelled from Warith to the Rogue Woods in Sapphira tracking down a bounty, and Lasha was at first happy to be exploring a new hunting ground.  Tall and muscular in build, Lasha was an orc of impressive statue, with deep green skin, pointed ears, a narrow nose and bright red eyes that were full of cunning.  She kept her head smoothly shaved, save for a long ponyta
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 22 21
The Chronicles of Sapphira - A Reading Guide
Season One:
This introduces us to Karyn and most of the core cast, establishes the land of Sapphira and works up to the first big climatic finale, the two-part Queen's Gambit...

Season Two:
Follows on from the previous season, establishing the new status quo and leads into the unofficial Monsters Trilogy, which first introduces us to Adalinda...
Suspension of Disbelief by KiwiKinkKaryn Strongblood - The Raven Ruse by KiwiKinkKaryn Strongblood - The Ice Queen Cometh by KiwiKinkKaimela Wethrin - The Ties That Bind by KiwiKinkAlexandra Cross - Diplomatic Immunity by KiwiKink
The Curse of the She-Wolf by KiwiKinkVeil of Darkness by KiwiKinkThe Wyrm Turns by KiwiKink

Origins Interlude:
Brief interlude, exploring the pasts of Karyn and Kaimela. Though set prior to all previous stories, they are not designed to be
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 16 20
Where in the World is Karyn Strongblood?
Kai yawned as she awoke, her head pounding like a bar room brawl.  Wait, that was not really befitting of her station.  Hmm. Pounding like a prancing princess?  Aching like an ailing artisan? What was the most appropriate way to describe a violent hangover when your were royalty? Kai pondered this thoughtfully, then proceeded to find her cloths.  This was not as easy as she had expected, as they were strewn all about the study she had woken up in, and she had no idea how her tights had ended up hanging from the chandelier.  Actually she did, but she figured it would be safer to plead ignorance if anyone later asked.
Kai ran a hand through her spiky red hair as she finished getting dressed, her assemble consisting of cotton tights, a silk blouse and a woollen doublet, all dyed in various shades of green.  This helped her figure on her identity for the day, as she was many things to many people.  The daughter of the elven empress named Kaimela Aran; a c
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 19 37
Mass Effect Andromeda - Pathfinder Peril
**This is a Damsel in Distress story, and features scenes of bondage. Reader discretion is advised.**
There were some laws of the universe that never change, no matter if you had been born in the Milky Way, or the Andromeda galaxy, or if you had been one of those proud few who had made the six hundred year journey between the two to start a new life of adventure and exploration.  And of of those immutable laws, the one that filled Sara Ryder with the most dread was the calamity that she knew would follow these six supposedly innocuous words:
“I promise you won't regret it!”
And with those words, Sara Ryder knew that she would, with the utmost certainty, regret it.  This was even more certain when Peebee was involved.  The cheeky asari described herself as a “rogue academic”, and she lived up to that moniker on a regular basis as she constantly dragged Ryder off to a new disaster awaiting to happen.  
Ryder could have said no, of course, but s
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 34 21
Foxcatcher - A Nalen Kara Adventure
Nalen Abayo Kara stood at the window, looking over the city of Virago as night fell.  The infamous stern warden was new to the city, which was found many leagues from her home in M'kanea, where she ran the notorious Z'thula Prison.  But Nalen was determined to rid the world of criminals, to have them catalogued and locked away for the good of society, and there was a particular outlaw that called Virago home, and Nalen would bring her to justice.
A smile passed across Nalen's full lips, but it was a smile that was cruel and devoid of warmth.  She was a striking woman, curvy but athletic in build, dark skinned and handsome, with closely cropped black hair with a puffy ball of hair at the centre of her forehead.  She was dressed in her official uniform, a bright red military dress coat with a stiff collar and gold piping, tan pants and sturdy knee-high leather boots.  Strapped to her right hip was her trust sabre, while a pair of manacles hung from her belt on he
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 23 18
STAR ELF VI - A New Rope
“To adventure!” declared Vi, leaning back in the pilots chair of his sleek Arrowhead Interceptor, the triangular spacecraft zooming through the vastness of space towards their destination.  The ship's computer, called Sister, had picked up the distress signal an hour ago, and Vi had gleefully agreed to go to the rescue.  There was nothing more exciting than playing the hero, and Vi liked to think he played the role well.
“We are approaching the vessel now,” intoned the electronic voice of Sister.  On the cockpit view screen, a large transport craft hung in space. It seemed lifeless, but the emergency beacon emanating from it indicated otherwise.  
“Then I better prepare!” Vi said, jumping out of the pilot seat as Sister engaged the autopilot. Like most star elves, Vi was lithe in build, with a almost feminine heart-shaped face, and long jet black hair hung past his tapered ears in long bangs.  He was dressed in a skin-tight l
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 13 12
Mature content
Seeker's Silent Seduction - A Dragon Age DiD tale :iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 24 26
Karyn and Kaimlea - A Night In the Dungeon
The door to the dungeon cell swung open and the two captives were shoved in side. Karyn Strongblood and Kaimela Wethrin grunted as the Demonixa cultist forced them to set crosslegged on the cracked stone floor. They both had their hands manacled behind their backs and thick cloths bound over their lips, holding in thick balled-up rags that had been stuffed in their mouths. The adventurous pair had been captured by the cultists while investigating an old stone tower deep in the Rogue woods, bound and gagged, and now brought down to the dungeon to wait until the cultists decided what to do with them.
“Sit tight,” the lead cultist said, pulling the cloth from Karyn's mouth, allowing her to spit out her packing. Kaimela's gag was removed next. “The High Priestess will pass judgement on your interlopers in the morning, so pray that she is merciful!”
The cultists then left the dungeon cell, locking the door behind them, leaving two to stand guard outside the cell door
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 20 16
Hi-Jakked 2: Sharyn's Surprise
There were many types of situations one could encounter when they lived in the criminal underworld. Some situations were exciting and fast paced, like a chase after a daring robbery. So were suspenseful and heart-pounding, like stealthy navigating a building trying avoid the SWAT squad that is hunting you. And sometimes, utter chaos reigned, as you got to let off explosives like it was the Fourth of July. But other times, you were forced to lay low in a safe house with a bound and gagged prisoner, patiently awaiting a ransom.
Sharyn Fawn hated that last one. And that was the one she was doing right now.
“This is boring,” Sharyn said, and not for the first time as she paced around the secluded safe house. “I am bored.”
Sharyn did not like being bored. While not the tallest of women, even being a little of the short side, Sharyn was an athletically built woman with a beige complexion, and a head of long, thin dreadlocks that she had tied up in a nest-like bun. She
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 26 21
Mature content
Vince The Elf's Bondage Birthday Bash :iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 9 14
Bounty Hunter In A Bind, Part 1 (A SWTOR DiD Tale)
The space lanes around the moon of Nar Shadaa were bustling as the heavily modified D5 Mantis Patrol Craft sprang out from hyperspace, its powerful engines guiding it orbit above the moon's surface.  After a short wait, clearance was given, and the Mantis touched down at the Menzeti Spaceport, taking berth in one of spaceport's massive hangar bays.  The two occupants of the Mantis then disembarked from the ship, catching a hover taxi from the spaceport to the Slippery Slope Cantina, a popular bar located on the bustling promenade that formed the central hub to the Hutt-controlled moon.
“It's good to be back,” Rayne said with a lopsided grin as she and her partner Mako entered the cantina.  The place was lit up with an array of neon lights that the Hutts' seemed to favour, rendering the bars and seating booths in garish colours.  It was an assault on the eyes, but Rayne did not mind.  Nar Shadaa was a favourite haunt for her, a place to unwind and po
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 10 14
The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 roared as it tore down the Detroit street, its rider not giving a damn about civil noise ordinances or speed restrictions. The city officials and the cops could all kiss her bad ass as far as she was concerned, if they could ever catch her. Part of the rider wished they'd try, as it had been a while since she had torn it up with a good ruckus, but she was currently on the job, and her partner in crime would not be pleased if she was late to the party.
Jakki Kahalle grinned as she gunned the throttle of her Harley, enjoying the speed and power of the 45-horsepower machine between revving between her legs. A natural-born scrapper, Jakki sported a lean, muscular build, tanned skin and sharp hazel eyes. Her short dark hair was closely cropped on the back and sides in a rather stylish undercut, and both of her arching eyebrows were bisected by a slash through their centre. She was dressed for both the road and business in a custom-fitted leather sports jack
:iconkiwikink:KiwiKink 41 23


Lasha Loudmouth AMA
Been thinking of something I could do to as a 200 watcher special, and this came to mind as something which might turn out to be fun for both me and you, so here it goes...
Feel free to ask Lasha anything you'd like, and she'll do her best to answer them :)
As a helpful reminder, here is her bio :)

I'll update the journal with questions and answers as they come :)
The questions and associated answers(feel free to ask follow up questions):
devianartfan1989 : Tell me very honestly lasha... do you get even a teensy bit turned on when gagged ;) (Wink) ? 
Lasha: Are you suggesting I get aroused by being tied up and gagged? No, where did you even get that idea?
Aboneart :
1. Have you ever considered the possibility that your name "Loudmouth" might give certain people even more of an incentive to silence said mouth?
Lasha: So far it has brought fear into the bones of my enemies, just like the deafening warcry the
:iconfantasypencil:FantasyPencil 2 9
Lasha Loudmouth in trouble by FantasyPencil Lasha Loudmouth in trouble :iconfantasypencil:FantasyPencil 133 31
Mature content
Ulva von Norna: A Real Dog's Dinner :iconbobalog123:Bobalog123 8 16
Ulva von Norna by Bobalog123 Ulva von Norna :iconbobalog123:Bobalog123 3 4 COMMISSION: Like a Prayer by TheNobleHound
Mature content
COMMISSION: Like a Prayer :iconthenoblehound:TheNobleHound 16 1
COMMISSION: Like a Prayer [VIDEO] by TheNobleHound
Mature content
COMMISSION: Like a Prayer [VIDEO] :iconthenoblehound:TheNobleHound 14 3
COMMISSION: Bunny's 'Gag' Reel [VIDEO] by TheNobleHound
Mature content
COMMISSION: Bunny's 'Gag' Reel [VIDEO] :iconthenoblehound:TheNobleHound 8 8
Hazel's Uneventful Day
If anyone was to judge the success of Hazel's jewelry shop by that one day, he would have probably asked her how long before they close down the store. Running one of the most successful shops in town, she was accustomed to dealing with a large number of customer during the day. If not customers, then at least a few money hungry robbers who expect her to be just another clerk for the binding, a hostage for the taking while they get away with the loot. The gun sitting under the counter was there to prove them wrong.
However, this was one of those extremely slow days, and Hazel could not be more bored if she tried. With her daughter at school, and the other girl who was supposed to work that day out sick, she was all alone. It was already past noon, the store open for more than four hours, yet the bell on top of the door signaling a customer had not rung even once. Leaning against the counter, Hazel was once again reading the Beistad Bugle, the issue she had already gone through twice th
:iconfantasypencil:FantasyPencil 17 11
For your weight in gold
Record scratch, freeze frame!
"You see Miss Elissa, ever since I was a young girl, two things intrigued me, gold... and strong women."
I knew it wouldn't work.
"And once I inherited my father's wealth, I began creating my collection... piece... by piece."
You're probably wondering what is going on here. Well, to be honest, so am I. I mean, one minute I was robbing this fancy house full of gold, and then suddenly I feel dizzy... and the next thing I know, I am in this circular chamber, bound to a pole and gagged, with this lady just narrating her life story out of nowhere, and I am still here, trying to figure out which of the three of them is actually talking to me.
"Miss Elissa, are you listening?"
And what about my life story? I mean you can go read it on Aboneart's page, but still, it would be nice to sometimes be asked "Who are you, Elissa?", or "What do you want from your life?"
"Well this is rude..."
Or "Are you happy with your life as a dashing, ma
:iconfantasypencil:FantasyPencil 18 17
Mature content
Karyns new clothes :icondevianartfan1989:devianartfan1989 8 1
Mature content
Bad Haab-its: Part 4 :iconbobalog123:Bobalog123 22 2
Visiting the Duchess by Skelebomb
Mature content
Visiting the Duchess :iconskelebomb:Skelebomb 524 51
Mature content
It's All French :iconbobalog123:Bobalog123 9 4
Birthday Bunny [VIDEO] by TheNobleHound
Mature content
Birthday Bunny [VIDEO] :iconthenoblehound:TheNobleHound 18 6
Birthday Bunny4 by TheNobleHound
Mature content
Birthday Bunny4 :iconthenoblehound:TheNobleHound 9 2
Just pounding it by PumpkinPinUp
Mature content
Just pounding it :iconpumpkinpinup:PumpkinPinUp 35 17



KiwiKink's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
New Zealand
Kiwikink is alledgedly a writer of tales of high adventure and lowly bondage. His interests include non-traditional damsels, good art, strong characters and bad puns.
Apologies if I have been quiet of late, I've been rather busy IRL, but unfortunately something happened today that has really shaken me and I am not sure how much I am going to be around.  But I need to get this off my chest.

This morning my entire site at work was called into an impromptu meeting with our managers.  We have just been through a round of layoffs due to a restructure (I managed to avoid being cut myself, but that was one of the things causing me a lot of stress), and they wanted to advise of some sad news.  One of the people laid off in the restructure, a man I had worked with for eight years and consider a friend, had killed himself this weekend.  The managers were offering free grief counseling for any of us needing it, and I am not ashamed to say I have taken them up on this offer. 

This was the third friend of mine to take their own life this year.

We live in very turbulent times, with much uncertainty and stress being a constant factor.  Many of the people I follow here on this site have a lot of shit going on in there lives, and struggle from day to day, and I try to be there for them.  I will continue to be there for them.  But please, if you are struggling, or having dark thoughts, please seek help.  I am including a link to International Association for Suicide Prevention below, which has a world map that includes regional helplines.  If you need them, please use them.

I've lost enough friends.

International Association for Suicide Prevention


Quick update, but last weekend I was able to two a couple bucks towards the delightful TheNobleHound and nonbinarybunny, and they have produced a couple of fun videos that are now up on TheNobleHound's page ... please check them :)

(Also, please respectful of Bunny and use the they/their pronouns for them, thanks!)

Mature Content

COMMISSION: Like a Prayer [VIDEO] by TheNobleHound

Mature Content

COMMISSION: Bunny's 'Gag' Reel [VIDEO] by TheNobleHound
More Ladykiller in a Bind sexiness, this time featuring a little suspension ... and know that it is in no way embarrassing to record this in a flat with extremely thin walls (and nosy neighbours) :o (Eek)
If you ever wanted to here me awkwardly narrate an explicit bondage scene, tune in to this episode of Ladykiller in a Bind (Sexy sweater edition)...


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Now... Which one has Karyn inside? I know Kai made her dress like a stripper and tied her up... but I don't remember which one she put her in... and I don't remember which one I put Kai in, either.

Hmm... Decisions.
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